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New Website Update
Progress has taken longer than anticipated, but should be launched in June. You do not need to change your browsers as it will use the same URL. (I think that's what they call it!) Once up and running, I would appreciate any constructive comments you may have. The existing site has been very easy to use and has served me well, but changes had to be made, so the obvious answer was a complete change. I hope you like it when it arrives
Chris Smith - Tuesday, 29th May 2018

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Resin Building Kits
Following the death of my caster's wife and his decision to scale back his contract work, we are now moving production to a new site and a new caster. We have just had the first kits starting to come through in the last couple of weeks, but it will take a few more weeks to catch up. Some long-outstanding orders are starting to be fulfilled at last.
Chris Smith - Tuesday, 29th May 2018

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Perth Show
Due to a family wedding, Invertrain will not be able to attend this years show at Perth. We will be back in 2019. If any customer wishes to collect items at Perth, please let me know in plenty of time and I will try and make arrangements for you to collect from another trader at the show.
Chris Smith - Thursday, 29th March 2018

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Our catalogue

Our catalogue has the following sections. To browse all the castings in each section, click on the section's title, otherwise just click on the subsection you're interested in.

The buildings are based on past or present railway prototypes. They are not meant to be 100% accurate copies of the original. They do, however, closely follow the prototype and are designed to reflect the character, look, style and size of the original. The kits are complete with glazing and accessories and require only adhesives and paint to complete.

Most of our models are constructed from resin castings produced from hand-finished moulds. Windows, doors, etc. are mainly cast in resin but in certain cases will use stone cast plaster, etched brass or whitemetal castings. Further details regarding individual buildings are shown in the lists below. Highland Castings now manufacture the building kits under their own name. The kits will continue to be sold through Invertrain Model Railways. Please note that kit numbers have changed from lists prior to August 2001.

 Station Buildings
 Railway Buildings
 Lineside Structures
 Town & Rural Buildings
 Low Relief Kits

Platforms, Bridges & Walls
You'll not find these anywhere else, so if it's our Complete Stone Platform Edging System or our Bridges and Walling you've been looking for, then you've come to the right place!

Curved platform edging can also be supplied to special order. Please supply an accurate template or drawing of the curve required.

 Platform Edging
 Bridges & Walling

Scratch-building Supplies
These resin castings are all used in the range of buildings and are offered as a separate range of building accessories to help modellers build their own structures. The range will be continually expanded to give modellers a high quality product at a competitive price. Prices quoted are each item unless otherwise stated.Sections:
 Chimneys & Fireplaces
 Guttering & Pipes
 Modular Walling
 Brick/Stone Paper

Detailing Accessories
Add those final touches to your buildings with our detailing accessories. The range will be continually expanded to give modellers a high quality product at a competitive price. Prices quoted are each item unless otherwise stated.Sections:
 Building Accessories
 Miscellaneous Accessories
 Enamel Signs

Assembled & Painted Items
Too busy building baseboards and laying track to paint details? If so, why not choose from our growing selection of painted and assembled items?Sections:

Bring your layout to life with our figures, either painted or unpainted.Sections:

Graphics Sheets
Whether you're looking for timetables to help your 1:43 scale people catch their trains, posters or news to distract them from their missed connections or signs for the local garage we're confident we have something here for you.Sections:
 Posterboards (XL/L)
 Posterboards (L/S, mixed)
 B&W Adverts
 Newspaper Headlines
 Garage Signs
 Shop/Street Signs
 Posters & Adverts
 Road Vehicles & Signage

All wheels have a steel tyre, moulded centre, steel axle and are chemically blackened.Sections:
 Coach Wheels
 Wagon Wheels

Bogie Kits
Upgrade your existing coaching stock, or complete that kit which is sitting in the cupboard.Sections:
 Coach Bogie Kits
 Freight Wagon Bogies

All buffers have a whitemetal body, sprung turned head and come ready assembled.Sections:
 Locomotive buffers
 Diesel loco buffers
 Coach buffers
 Wagon buffers

Loco and Stock Detailing
Whether it's the right set of lamps to finish off your model, couplings for your new wagon or even coach connections, this is where you'll find what you need.Sections:
 Loco lamps
 Other details
 Coach seating

We stock the full range of Scale Signal Supply kits and accessories. Extensive research has gone into the design and production to enable the modeller to produce a signal that has all the characteristics of the prototype. The kits contain all the necessary parts to produce the model. Only solder, glue and paint are needed to complete. Full building and painting instructions are included.Sections:

From time to time we have ready-to-run O gauge rolling stock available for you to buy. These models will either be brand new or pre-owned, as stated in the description.Sections:

Wagon Loads
We have a comprehensive range of wagon loads to fill those empty wagons and add useful weight if required. Made from stonecast plaster, whitemetal or resin, from manufacturers such as Highland castings, Ten Commandments, Duncan Models and PLM.Sections:

If your layout has a road on it, you will need a vehicle to complement it. Choose from a horse-drawn wagon to a modern lorry.Sections:
 Road Vehicles
 Agricultural Vehicles
 Agricultural Equipment
 Industrial Machinery

Rolling Stock Kits
As an agent for Parkside & Slaters, I can supply from stock, or to order within a few days. I can also source kits from ABS, Springside, Haywood, JPL, Powsides and others. I also have other kits in stock from time to time which will be listed here.Sections:

Animals & Birds
What about all those empty fields and farmyards? From pigs to pigeons and horses to Heron, we have got the lot.Sections:

Buildings (ready-built)
From time to time we will have ready-built O gauge buildings or lineside structures available for you to buy. These models will either be brand new, pre-owned or be an ex.demonstration model, as stated in the description.Sections:
 Lineside Structures

Card Kits
A revolution in Card Kits has arrived. Designed by the same person that designed our highly successful Highland Castings resin kits range, these are made to a similar high standard and use resin & whitemetal parts for windows, drainpipes etc. and also have a complete detailed interior.Sections:
 3Dk Card Kits
 Detailing Sheets
 Brick/Stone Paper

An essential item to assist the wagon modifier or scratchbuilder.Sections:
 Wagon Axleguards
 Coach Axleguards

Motors & Gearboxes
The essential items required to ensure good performance from your favourite locomotive.Sections:
 Motors & Gearboxes